Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

We try to keep Sundays a true Sabbath in our household- not only taking a break from the work & responsibilities of the week, but also making time to refocus my mind from distractions to what tuly matters. I try to spend at least part of my sabbath reading materials that inspire & realign my thinking for the week, participating in activities that get creative juices flowing, and focusing on the aspects of life that are truly important: relationships, family, service, etc...

So, I thought I'd start a weekly Sunday Inspiration post, sharing whatever has inspired me during the week or even what's come out of our church teaching that morning.

This Post on Pastor Richard's blog about his recent trip to Africa has had me thinking all weekend:

"Without any of the things we’ve deemed essential, they manage to smile.
For all their lack of sanitation, and vitamins, and recreational opportunities,
and clean clothes, and benefits packages, and happy hours, and professional
sports, I swear they’re onto something because it seems like they enjoy life
more than most of us, in spite of our multi-levels of security: financial,
medical, physical, emotional."

This raw joy in the midst of true simplicity is such a powerful inspiration - I want that in my life! And this image of true community:

"I’m good at having a thousand acquaintances, much better at that, in fact, than
having real friends. They don’t have the “thousand acquaintance” option on
the table, and so many of them have mastered the art of community and real
friendships. Now that I’m back where “solitude on demand” is available to
me, I’m praying Jesus, that I’ll remained challenged by the countless examples
of interdependency and community that I saw there."

Richard's post also reignited the hunger I've always felt for going to Africa. Maybe someday I will...

The second inspiration I want to share today is from our class discussion at church this morning on evangelism (& dovetails nicely with Richard's statement on true community). Our teacher, Rick Reynolds, director of Operation Nightwatch, shared something written by Sam Shoemaker, (member of the Oxford Group that was partly responsible for the start of AA). You really ought to read it. "I Stand at the Door" can be found here .

Again, it makes me question how well I do community in my life- and where that community is found: in the confines of my church & Christian circle? Or within my neighborhood, my community, among the poor and ostracized?

Have a wonderful sabbath, friends! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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