Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

This past weekend we went down to Oregon for my uncle's memorial service. (The trip went much better than I had anticipated- yay for trying not to worry!) My uncle wasn't someone I knew very well, I hadn't seen him in probably close to 5 years. His death was sudden. He was 62 and had cancer. But suddenly one morning he fainted & had internal bleeding. Then by the time they got him to the hospital he went into cardiac arrest and was put on lifesupport. It was extremely sudden.

During his memorial service there was an open-mic sharing time for people to talk about my uncle and share stories. And it struck me that 62 years of life was suddenly condensed down to 30-minutes worth of comments & stories. And it made me ask, "What kind of comments do I want my life summed up in? What kind of legacy do I want my life to leave?"

I was reminded that questions like that can't just be shrugged off as something I'll think about later, because (not to be a downer, but) who knows if there will be a later.

So, the things that seem important: the stresses, worries, and general busyness that I can easily get caught up in - are suddenly exposed for the trivial minutia that they truly are. I'm reminded that I need to slow down, to realign my priorities with what will truly matter in the end. I need to not allow myself to become so distracted by all that the world of busyness, productivity, and self-focus throws at me. And I need to live out my legacy in the daily hours and minutes of this one life I'm given. What a valuable reminder this was!

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