Monday, January 24, 2011


All throughout my day today, my mood has been lifted, my spirit brightened every single time I walk past these 2 vases of flowers in our house today. Isn't that amazing that something as simple as flowers draws my attention every time I enter the room?! I honestly can't get enough of them!

Suddenly, I'm craving spring & summer days when flowers can be picked for free from our yard and brought inside to enjoy. I've actually decided in my recent de-cluttering spree to rid myself of many of the table-top decorations I previously used (that often need to be dusted & stored when not in use), because beautiful flowers (found for free in nature) are so much more exquisite than any decoration that could be created.

Such a beautiful reminder that what God gives us, though simple, is often better than all we think we can create, conjur, or come up with ourselves. Isn't that true in so many aspects of life? (The daisies above are left over from a goodbye party for my best friend -a topic I'm trying not to think about. The beautiful red tulips were brought by our neighbors when they came over for dinner this weekend.) And I think my new goal is to consistently have flowers of some sort on our table-I love it!

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