Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Lessons Re-Learned

I've neglected to post anything lately because I've been feeling poorly for the last few weeks - not my ideal time to experience a flare up of my auto-immune condition - but I've been re-learning a lot through it all.

Why is it that every year at Christmas I say I'm going to keep things simple, then I get so easily swept up in all the events, all the expectations, all the truly great things about this season that I pile too much on my plate and then pay the consequences?! I'm like a Christmas cheer binge eater - allowing my eyes to be bigger than my stomach. And every year something happens (like my getting sick possibly as a result of stress) and I re-learn the lesson that less is truly more and more is just simply... too much. In fact, you can read this same lesson learned last year and the year before ...apparently I'm a little hard-headed when it comes to learning to let go at Christmastime.

This year I feel so much more content than years past, however, because I'm not giving into my tendency to become a holiday perfectionist. Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree alone is significant testament to my becoming more laid back this year! We didn't do Santa pictures, because I knew it would be a nightmare. Our Christmas card isn't funny or creative this year, but was able to be ordered in less than 15 minutes, so I'm fine with that. There are traditional outings that we're not doing this year, but I'm fine with the more open schedule. And I didn't find the perfect gift for everyone in our families this year (more on gifts later), but we can still show them how much we love them in ways other than through an inanimate object, right?...things like heart-felt notes, time spent with them, etc...

We are so blessed this Christmas with our health, God's financial provision, time to spend with family & friends, our home to decorate and enjoy this season in, and plenty of fun holiday activities that hopefully bring us closer to God's amazing love, which is so evident this time of year! Who needs perfection with all this beautiful imperfection?!

With less than 2 weeks left of this magical season, I hope you will get the chance to throw expectations and stressful burdens out the window and claim imperfection & joy this Christmas!