Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Word on Decluttering from Around the Blogosphere

Yesterday I was standing, hands on my hips in the middle of our playroom when Matt said, "You have that look. You're on a purging kick again, aren't you?" And boy was he right. In the past few months we've probably taken close to 10 loads of clothes and household items to Goodwill. How is it that a couple who's only been married 6 years (in January) has already accumulated so much? When we first moved into our house from our tiny condo I was overjoyed at the amount of storage we gained. Well guess what... in only 3 years we completely filled it! I know that baby equipment and kids clothes take up a majority of it, but still...

So, every few months I've been going on a new purging spree- getting rid of all I think I can handle and then in a few months, realizing I can get rid of even more. This week I've read so many great posts on decluttering our stuff, that I thought I'd share a few with you.

I think the best blog post I've read on the topic is this one (even if you don't read the others, check this one out):

How to See Past Your Mountain of Stuff to a Place Called Enough, which is a guest post from the author of the Life Cleanse Starter Kit that I mentioned before. She writes in this post about her father-in-law downsizing and the months that it took their family to go through the stuff he'd accumulated in his house over 30 years:

"I found myself wondering what the point of it all was – all this accumulating. Here was all this stuff that no one really wanted – that had little value in the end. It wasn’t what made his house a home – his marriage was.

I've also done a great excercise this week from the Life Cleanse Starter Kit that has you assess every space in your house for how cluttered it is and whether it causes stress or feelings of peace. I now have a list of areas in my house that are stress-inducing and whenever I have 20 minutes, I go through and declutter one to cross it off my list.

Here's a list of more blogposts from this week about our mountains of stuff and how to get rid of them:

So there you have it. If you were looking for inspiration to declutter, clean, reassess priorities and possessions, look no further. And if you need even more encouragement, we can cheer each other on. Because although it can be daunting, it feels SO good once you're done!

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