Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Simplicity?

My obsession with simplicity began a few years ago as an obvious outcome of the financial position we were in. We didn't have a ton of money and I was forced to realize the connection between money and time. I realized that I had to ask myself "Is it worth not having a ton financially in order to have more time free from working?" (The answer for me was "yes"). As the daughter of an accountant penny-pinching father and a bargain-shopping addict for a mother, it isn't surprising that my quest for simplicity began in the financial realm of my life. I've been moderately (okay, who am I kidding) really rather obsessed with frugality for awhile now.

Since that initial awakening to the idea of simplicity financially, I've realized how many more areas of life the pursuit of simplicity benefits than simply our savings accounts.

  • By working less and not succumbing to a busy ( & thus complicated) schedule, I have more time to enjoy life; more time to spend with friends and family; more time to volunteer & serve others.

  • By buying less, I'm able to work less and still get by. I spend a lot less time shopping for things, then cleaning/fixing/dusting those things, then storing those things, etc...

  • By consuming less I'm helping the environment by avoiding the damage production of things does both while being produced and then when being disposed of later.

  • By consuming less I'm even (ironically) helping our economy- which has gotten to big too fast and is causing a growing wealth gap between our rich and poor - something God never intended for his creation.

  • By consuming less and spending less time earning money, I'm able to appreciate a slower life, to bake bread by hand, to grow beautiful flowers, to soak in the beauty of our creation, to appreciate each stage my almost 3-year old is in.

That's "why simplicity" in my life. I want my life to be deliberate. As Thoreau said, I want to "suck out all the marrow of life...and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived."

If you've ever felt that dissatisfaction towards the rat race life that has become the new norm and the extreme levels of overconsumption seen in our society, and instead have thirsted for a life lived daily around the beauty, joy, and moments that truly matter- join me in this journey, this seeking out simplicity...

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