Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letter of the Week

We've been chugging along with the letter of the week idea that I mentioned in this previous post and I wanted to share some of the great ideas & resources we've used. Most of these ideas came from your comments and follow-up emails, so I have you to thank, really.

  • A great web resource for ideas is Letter of the Week: Preschool Curriculum. On the site you can click on the letter you're focusing on and up pops a list of words, ideas for food to make, crafts, books to read, songs to sing, even Biblical characters & traits that start with the letter. We've been pretty low-key in our activities, but it's great to know that such a detailed resource is out there if you need it.

  • My favorite idea that someone gave us was to decorate a cut out of the letter each week. Trying to be resourceful with supplies we already have at home, I cut out 10 inch letters from construction paper and we've been taping the finished products up in our stairwell "art gallery" so that by the end, the entire alphabet will wrap around the walls. I've also tried to use decorations that start with the letter that we already have on hand: "A" was apple prints; "B" was covered in various stamps we had of a Baby, Balloons, Birthday cake, etc...; "C" was a collage of c-words cut out of a magazine; "D" were Dot stickers; and "E" posed a challenge - so far all we had at home were some Elmo stickers, but I think I might pick up some elephant ones or eggs I suppose.

  • Jenny had the great idea of my daughter making and sending cards to a friend who's name starts with that letter. I LOVE that! It not only gets her thinking about the sound the letter makes but also being thoughtful & generous.

  • One of my favorite purchases awhile back was a set of alphabet cookie cutters. For "C" week we made cookies - the letter "C" and other shapes that started with C: cat, candle, even candy cane (I know, wrong season). I've also used the cookie cutters on Leta's PB&J sandwiches or cheese slices for lunch. She LOVES this!

  • I even stumbled upon an alphabet book of poetry at the thrift store awhile back- so each week we read a goofy poem with hilarious pictures all about things that start with that week's letter.

Anyways, just wanted to share the wealth of good ideas that some of you have been sharing with me. Anyone else doing this and have great ideas to add to the list?

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