Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Content

For awhile now I've been thinking about the idea of being content with what I have in certain areas of my life. Obviously, money and possessions are aspects where it's so easy to focus on the ever-elusive "more" that I think I need to be comfortable. And yet, for the most part I think I'm growing in that area- feeling most of the time that I have more than enough possessions and really need to focus on purging the uneccessary ones.

Then there's the fact that we've been in some form or another of an adoption process for almost a year in half now (which is because we were slow & pursued so many various paths in the beginning). And although I can't wait to expand our little family, I've learned to be content and truly cherish this time that I have with just one right now.

Now, just in the past few weeks, another area of needing contentedness has come into play- and that's being content to soak life in without the need to be productive all the time. I'm a huge list maker and can't seem to focus on things until I write them down in a list. So, I did that a few weeks ago with the various projects around our house that I'd like Matt & I to get done. However, what I thought was a helpful list has now become this awful burden hanging over my head! The list is long! And overwhelming! And none of it is hugely expensive or hard, it's just time-intensive. So, I've felt like I ought to be spending every spare minute whidling this list down as much as I can, being productive with my spare minutes. But it's draining when not even a small chunk of time has been carved out to just be and savor my life. I mean, is having chalkboard paint on our kitchen door really a higher priority than enjoying these last few days of summer with my family?!

So, the to-do list will get done-eventually. But if our house doesn't get painted this fall or the garage cleaned out this week- oh well. It will happen later. What I won't have later is a chance to fully enjoy all the summer activities I 've wanted to with just my 2 year old. Next summer she'll be 3 and (God willing) there will be two children to divide my attention between. In the meantime... contentedness.

How about you? How do you find ways to be content without always focusing on more or the next best thing?

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